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biometrics fingerprint manufacturer(taiwan)
Biometrics fingerprint manufacturers We are a leading manufacturer able to offer the high quality biometrics fingerprint products in order to meet customers’ demands.We are confident of developing the sophisticated biometrics fingerprint products, and we have a variety of biometrics fingerprint products. S3C2440 ARM920T 405MHz kernel; communication speed 100MB. Windows CE 6.0 operating system, built-in web server, FTP server and SQL database. Embedded Web-interfaced Time/Access Control software allows managing employees, departments, work shifts, bell schedules, attendance logs tracing, attendance reports calculation simply on web browser! No need to install application software on computers anymore. Allows exporting attendance reports from web browser in .csv or .txt format. TCP/IP interfaced. 3.5” Touch Screen. Dual Mode Card Reader for EM 125 KHz and Mifare 13.56MHz. Auto database (users & fingerprints) reconciliation among multiple terminals in network. Allows 1:N (Fingerprint only) and 1:1 (RF card + Fingerprint) authentication mode. 1 GB memory. Can store 9,500 fingerprints(2 fingerprints each user), 30,000 cards and 250,000 events.
l   WinCE, Linux and Android platform with Web Server, FTP Server and SQL database attached.l   7-inch touch screen; Built-in Web-interfaced application fulfills management of users, work shifts, bell rings and attendance reports simply through web browser, and no software installation necessary.l   Optical fingerprint sensor +125KHz and 13.56KHz badge readerl   USB port for USB Flash Disk transactions downloadl   Auto database including users & fingerprints, reconciliation between the Master and the Slave terminals in the network.l   Allows 1:N (fingerprint only) & 1:1 (RF badge + fingerprint) authentication modes.l   Allows a storage of 9,500 fingerprints, 30,000 RF badges and 250,000 events.l   50 programmable bell ring times (through web browser) and replaceable .wav music file (through FTP)
Features:          Control panel holder & block terminal ensure easy installation & easy maintenance          Built-in RS-232/RS-485 communication interface to PC.(Able to expandable to 255 sets by RS-485 interface)          Controller and reader separate design, max. connects 16 RS-485 L-series readers or ACU-100 slave control panels (for T2/W26 reader used). (Able set two-way readers or reader in and exit button out).          Provides optical coupled isolated sensors for alarm and reader tamper.          Provide 1 Relay output for activate alarm.          Large capacity - 30,000 cardholder/ 100,000 event , also can revise by memory management.          Provide 256 time zones & schedules , each 8 time zones. 64 holiday groups , 100 holiday schedules per groups.          Support Combo cards identification , Blacklist , Patrol Card so on , also can set up cards valid date , increase the safety of Access Control.          Anti-passback and Duress card/code setting. When door opened in the emergency, controller will send signal to control center at the same time for tracing and rescue.          ESD / Surge protection design to protect devices & enhance communication quality.          RTC (Real Time Clock) and Watchdog function ensures accurate date/time and system free from halting.          Support connects external PSU-330 Uninterrupted power supply, ensure the operation during power outages.

About Us

As a manufacturer of Access Control, Time Attendance System, IDCOM has devoted itself to researching, manufacturing and marketing on the field of identification and communication technologies since its establishment in 2001. The development of series access control and time attendance system bases on RFID and biometrics technologies are the products that IDCOM responses to the market needs.

IDCOM is the leading company who provides terminals with different platforms that including Wince, Linux and Android which allow customers have more flexibility to develop their own system for different applications.

With the experiences in this industry, IDCOM is capable of providing complete solution for customers to do project planning, hardware design, application software design, construction and maintenance in the aspects.